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To make things easier, we've put together a list of commonly asked questions and their answers. To check for a solution, choose a category.
What is IPTV?
IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. It is delivery of broadcast television and multimedia content over a secure, end-to-end operator managed broadband IP network.
What are the advantages of MyWay IPTV Service?
MyWay as the name suggest, allows you to "have your own way". It's a revolution in entertainment that is designed to redefine the way you watch television. MyWay empowers you with entertainment features and services like:-
  • Digital Picture Quality & Stereophonic Sound.
  • A smart and user friendly User Interface.
  • Wide array of television channels to choose from.
  • Get On-Demand Movies; Instant online access to over 150 movie library to choose and watch anytime with Pause, Rewind & Forward features.
  • Free 7 days Auto Recording™ available on 40 channels
  • Enjoy other On-Demand offerings like TV Shows, Infotainment, Documentaries and more.
  • Sing along with Karaoke service on MyWay.
  • Smart Interactive services like Rail Info, Maps, Astro and Emails are available on TV.
  • Customise your Favorite Channels on MyWay Home page
Why choose MyWay IPTV over DTH/satellite/cable?
Entertainment Features


MyWay- The Smart Box

Picture Quality Just DVD Quality Better Than DVD
Welcome Screen Does Not Start On Live Channel Put Your Favourite Channels Up-Front
Location Of Kids Channel Not Kid Friendly Enjoy Kids Channel on single digit remote keys (1-9)
Live TV Limited Channels (<150) Can Give > 1000 Channels
Movie On Demand Fixed Time Schedule Enjoy Watching Movies At Your Time. Can Play, Pause, Forward & Rewind Movie.
Music On Demand Only Broadcast Radio Your Favorite Music any time
Games On Demand Low End Games Enjoy High Quality- Interactive and Multiplayer Games
Eduaction On Demand Inadequate Interactivity Offers Absolute Interactivity
Internet Application Not Possible Enjoy Email & Chat
SMS Not Possible Send /Receive SMS on your TV
Tickets Only Info Book your Tickets
Maps Only Info Enjoy Zoom, Mark, Navigate Routes
Rail Info Not Possible Get PNR status, Arrival/ Departure Info & Book Tickets Too.
Astrology Generic Predictions Generic, Individual Horoscope, Match making and more.
What does MyWay IPTV offer?
Myway IPTV offerings can be divided into following categories:-
  • 7 Days Auto Recording™ on most viewed 40 Channels
    You do not have to worry about electricity cut anymore, you can see whatever you want, whenever you want. With MyWay IPTV, watch auto recorded programs of past 7 days on most viewed 40 channels, even sports channels at your own convenience. Click here to view the 40 channels
  • Upto 250 Hours of Personal Recording™*
    It's now possible to record up to 250 hours of live TV by connecting a hard drive to your MyWay IPTV set-top box. The PVR function allows you to even schedule a recording in advance. Create your own personal catalogue of TV programmes, accessible any time!
  • On Demand Services: 
    Simply browse through the content on TV User Interface (UI) and select from Movies, TV shows, Documentaries that you would like to watch. Moreover you can Play, Pause, Rewind, and Forward, just like you do it in your DVD player.
    • Movies
    • Radio
    • Karaoke
    • Games
    • TV Shows
    • Lifestyle
    • Infotainment
    • Kids Zone
  • iServices
    Go interactive with your TV; book train tickets*, send SMS*, access interactive learning content and lots more
    • Learning
    • Railway Info
    • Maps
    • Astrology
    • Paintbook
    • Email
  • Broadcast TV:
    Enjoy more than 150 channels with DVD picture clarity and Stereophonic sound.
* The services are indicative and would be introduced soon.
What are the different packs available on MyWay IPTV?
Rest of India (East, West & North)
Base Pack Mega Hit Super Hit Hit Supervalue
Channels 157 151 122 133
Price (R )/month 444 333 249 280

MyWay IPTV also offers Add on packs and A-La-Carte. Details of these packs are as follows:
Add-On Packs
  • Sports Platinum Pack (R 90/month)
  • Sports Gold Pack (R 60/month)  
  • ETV Telugu Pack (R 12/month)
  • Zee South (R 25/month) 
  • Zee North Pack (R 30/month)
  • ETV North Pack (R 30/month) 
  • Zee Lifestyle (R 50/month)

A-La-Carte Channels:

  • Sports:
    • Ten Sports** – R 15 per month.
    • STAR Cricket – R 40 per month.
  • Entertainment:
    • Zee Bangla – R 7 per month
    • Zee Marathi – R 7 per month
    • Zee Telugu – R 8 per month
    • Zee Kannada – R 6 per month
    • ETV Bangla – R 8 per month
    • ETV Gujarati – R 8 per month
    • NDTV Imagine – R 10 per month
    • ETV UP – R 8 per month
    • ETV Kannada – R 8 per month
    • 9X - R 15 per month
    • 9XM - R 5 per month
South India*
Base Pack Malayalam Gold Tamil Gold Telugu Gold Kannada Gold Supervalue Telugu Diamond Tamil Diamond Kannada Diamond Super Hit Mega Hit
Channels 97 97 97 97 133 127 125 128 151 157
Price (R ) / month 200 200 200 200 280 280 280 280 333 444

Add-On Packs

  • Sports Platinum Pack (R 90/month)
  • Sports Gold Pack (R 60/month)
  • ETV Telugu Pack (R 12/month)
  • Zee English (R 12/month)  
  • BBC Entertainment (R 8/month)
  • Neo Sports (R 30/month)  
  • ETV (R 8/month)

A-La-Carte Channels:

  • Sports:
    • Ten Sports** – R 15 per month.
    • STAR Cricket – R 40 per month.
  • Entertainment:
    • Zee Bangla – R 7 per month
    • Zee Marathi – R 7 per month
    • Zee Telugu – R 8 per month
    • Zee Kannada – R 6 per month
    • ETV Bangla – R 8 per month
    • ETV Gujarati – R 8 per month
    • NDTV Imagine – R 10 per month
    • ETV UP – R 8 per month
    • ETV Kannada – R 8 per month
    • 9X - R 15 per month
    • 9XM - R 5 per month
    • BBC World - R 5 per month
    • CNN - R 3 per month

Applicable taxes will be extra.
To view a complete listing of the channels in each pack, click here.

* The customers in South India cannot opt for base packs of Rest of India and vice-versa.
** Ten Sports has to be subscribed for a minimum period of 4 months.

The following packs are not available to MTNL customers:-
ETV UP & ETV Kannada A-la-Carte Pack
Will I get all my favorite channels on MyWay IPTV?
Depending on the channel pack you select, you can get popular television channels including STAR Plus, Sony, Zee, Colors, Asianet, Manorma News, Kiran, Star Vijay, Jaya TV and many other channels. Click here to view channel packs.
Will I be able to shift or subscribe to other channel packs apart from my existing subscribed pack?
For one month no migration is allowed from higher to lower base pack & vice versa is allowed.
What Regional Channels are offered on MyWay IPTV?
We have several regional packs covering Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, Oriya, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi and many more languages. To view a complete listing of the channels in each pack, click here.
What benefits do I get in New Base Packs?

Mega Hit Pack:
. Free 7 days Auto Recording™ available on 40 channels
. Get Unlimited views of all available Blockbuster Movies for free
. Enjoy Instant On-demandT and iServices for free
. Favorite Sports Channels
. Favorite Regional Channels
. Free 1 sports channel.
. Free Zee Lifestyle Add-on pack for 4 months.

Superhit Pack:
• Free 7 days Auto Recording™ available on 40 channels
• Get Unlimited views of 196 all time Hit Movies every month for free
. Free 2 regional channels
• 1 free add-on pack for 3 months

I am a customer of Rest of India and I am subscribed to old base packs, can I subscribe to new base packs?
Yes, you can subscribe the new base packs, please call at 1860-26-69929 for registering your request.
What benefits do I get for migrating to new base packs?

On migration to new base packs, you will get:

Mega Hit Pack:

  • Free 7 days Auto Recording™ available on 40 channels
  • Get Unlimited views of all available Blockbuster Movies for free
  • 1 free sports channel
  • 1 free add-on pack for 4 months
Super Hit Pack:
  • Free 7 days Auto Recording™ available on 40 channels
  • Get Unlimited views of 150 all time Hit Movies every month for free
  • Free 2 regional channels
  • 1 free add-on pack for 3 months
Are the base pack prices taxes inclusive?
No, all the prices are tax exclusive.
What is an On-Demand service?
On-Demand is all about watching what you want and when you want. You can play, pause, rewind or forward your On-Demand Movies, TV Shows, Lifestyle and Infotainment shows anytime.
What contents are being offered under On-Demand?
MyWay offers a wide variety of content that you can choose from. You can enjoy a library of over 150 movies, watch your favorite TV Shows, enjoy practicing Yoga with Baba Ramdev or watch interesting documentaries for all. MyWay also offers Karaoke, Games, and Comics for kids and family.
Can I record On-Demand content?
No, On-Demand content cannot be recorded.
What are the charges for content available in On-Demand section?
The price for On-Demand services varies from content to content. All blockbuster movies are free with Mega Hit Pack and 130 movies are free with Super Hit Pack. The respective prices of the PPV Movies are mentioned on the User Interface while browsing through the list on TV. The Karaoke service is charged at a price of R 130/month + taxes. Rest of the content like Games, Infotainment, TV Shows etc are offered free of cost.
How many movies are available on Movie On-Demand?
MyWay offers over 150 movies in its library. MyWay would keep updating the movies from time to time. We have tied up with various production houses such as UTV, Shemaroo, Innovision etc to bring you the best collection of movies.
What are the charges for watching Pay-Per-View (PPV) movie?
All movies have different price points ranging from Rupees 20, 30, 50 & 65 and the customer will be charged per view. One View window will have a time frame of 24 hours.
Does MyWay offer only Hindi movies?
No, MyWay has English, Animated and Regional Movies in its library. And the list of movies is updated from time to time.
How many games are available on MyWay IPTV?

MyWay is offering very simple and interesting games that both kids and family can enjoy. You can play these games using your MyWay remote itself.

We are currently offering 9 games and would keep adding more. The games available on MyWay are:-

  • Free Cell Solitaire
  • Match Blox
  • Deal With It
  • Maze Master
  • Tac Tiles
  • Picnic Ants
  • Double Die
  • Puzzled- Swap It
  • Tic-Tac-Toe
Are these games similar to play station games / console games?
No these games are not similar to play station / console games. These are single user java based games which you can play using your MyWay remote.
Do we need any additional hardware like a keyboard or gaming controls to play these games?
No, for existing games you don't require any additional hardware and these games can be played by using MyWay remote itself.
What is Karaoke Service?
Karaoke feature helps you sing along with your TV by simply attaching a Mic. MyWay IPTV's STB supports a system where a customer can attach a Mic which has an inbuilt mixer, so when customer sings a song his/her voice mix with the music and comes out from TV Speakers.
How many songs are there in Karaoke service?
We have over 1000 songs that you can sing along in Karaoke service.
What songs are available on Karaoke?
The various categories of music available under this service are: - .
» Classic
» Devotional
» Ghazals
» Bollywood Hits
» Indi Pop
The Karaoke service is available in which all languages?
Currently Karaoke service has only Hindi songs in its bouquet; however songs in other regional languages will be available in the near future.
Can we sing a duet song?
Yes. It can be done with the duet Mic which can be attached into the existing master Mic.
Are Videos of songs available on Karaoke?
Videos are not available on Karaoke Currently.
Are the Karaoke Mic's provided along with the STB?
No, they are not provided along with Set Top Box (STB). It has to be purchased separately.
What is the cost of Karaoke Service?
The Karaoke service is charged at R 130/month + taxes.
What is Infotainment Service?
With Infotainment service you have interesting programmes that build your knowledge and awareness. This service offers Biography of Personalities, Programmes on Environment, Space, Automobiles, History and many more.
What is the cost of Infotainment?
Currently the service is available free of cost.
What is Lifestyle service?
The Lifestyle on Demand service brings you interesting videos on Health and Fitness, Fashion Trends, Cooking, Travel and more.
What contents are available under Lifestyle services?

MyWay brings interesting videos on healthy living and videos on interesting places around the world. You have the renowned Swami Ramdev teaching yoga for different purpose and ailments like; Cancer, Asthma, Heart, Kids and more. However Swami Ramdev yoga is also available in different languages. What’s more, you can catch up with famous celebrity' Shilpa Shetty teaching you everyday yoga lessons that helps you stay fit.

You can also visit popular landmarks around the world and know about their culture and interesting things people do, all this by simply sitting in front of MyWay IPTV.
What is the cost of Lifestyle services?
Currently this service available free of cost.
What is TV Shows?
The service contains video content on very popular programs such as Reality Shows, Mythology, Soaps etc. that one would love to watch over and over.
What all content is available under TV Shows?
The TV Shows offer you the original “Mahabharata” series with all 94 Episodes and the famous “Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi”, a comedy show with 67 Episodes.
What is the cost of Infotainment service?
Currently the service is available free of cost.
What is "Kid Zone"?

Kid Zone is an On-Demand service that includes Comics, Rhymes, Stories, and Karaoke for kids. Kid Zone lets your kids have fun and learn at the same time.

Comics: You can catch on to favourite Akbar & Birbal, Chacha Chowdhry or Chimpu comics and more. 

Stories: You need not read from story books or tell interesting stories to your kids as MyWay IPTV does exactly that for you, You now get Ancient tales to Arabian nights to other interesting stories with morals presented in animated form right on your TV.

Rhymes: Now learning for your kids is not just easy but fun as kids can learn counting’s from 1,2,3,4 or practice A, B, C, D... to singing Baa Baa Black sheep and other rhymes with interesting animations on MyWay IPTV.

Karaoke Rhymes: Helps your kids to sing along to the same songs that he/she has heard on Rhymes Section by simply attaching a Mic. which gets attached to the MyWay Set Top Box.

What's the refresh rate of this content?
The Comic content is refreshed on regular intervals.
What's the cost of the Kid Zone?
Currently the service is available free of cost.
What is Radio On-Demand?
Radio is an interesting feature that includes amazing music. You can groove and enjoy best of music of various categories like Relax, Trip and Dance.
What is the cost of Radio?
This service is offered free of cost.
What Interactive Services are offered on MyWay IPTV?
MyWay IPTV offers many new-age Interactive Services; you have Astro, Paintbrush, Maps, Learning, Rail info and Email. The content is available under iServices section on MyWay IPTV.
Click here to view more about i-services
What is Astro?
Astro is yet another interesting application on MyWay IPTV that is powered by Astroyogi.com. It gives the customer an overview of the coming week or month and find out what your future has in store for you. You can access your daily horoscope or find love compatibility with your companion, and many more. You may also use Vaastu or Feng Shui to bring about positive vibes into your home, or simply have fun.
Is there a limit to the number of times the service can be used in a day?
No. There is no such limit.
What is the cost of Astro?
You can enjoy this service as many numbers of times and any time on your MyWay IPTV as this service is absolutely Free.
What is the 'Paintbook' application on MyWay IPTV and who can use it?
'Paintbook' is an interactive TV application targeting kids aged 4 - 10 years. It's like a drawing canvas on TV for kids. We have a choice of color palettes for kids to choose from. They can choose between brighter colors or the sober ones to paint away their TV screens.
Do I have a choice of pictures?
Yes, you have a choice of 6 pictures you can choose from to color.
Is there a help menu on screen for this service?
Yes, there is a help menu. You can press the INFO button on the remote for instructions.
What if I want to color an entire row or column?
Yes, there is an option to color entire row or column using specified hot keys on your remote.
Can I color portion of row or column?
You can either opt to color a row/column or a single cell at a time.
Can I save my painted picture?
No, you cannot save the painted picture.
What is the cost of this service?
This service is available free of cost.
What is Maps and what does it offer?
The Map application gets you info about places, restaurants, schools and community of your city. You can even find directions to places from one point to the other sitting right in front of your TV.

The Maps service also works as Yellow Pages to a customer for eg. If a customer is traveling from Delhi to Bangalore then the customer on Maps application simply needs to type the area "Bangalore" on the User Interface and get all the info about Bangalore city like addresses of Hotels, Restaurants and local city information sitting right in front of your TV.
What is the charge for using this service?
Currently the service is available free of cost and there is no cost attached to it.
What is Interactive Learning service?
Interactive learning is provides an exciting way to gain knowledge. This service can be used by kindergarten kids to school kids studying from 6th Class to 12th Class. The Learning service contains two interesting applications
  • A-B-C
  • Extra Marks
What is A-B-C application?
A-B-C is an application that gives your child an option to recognize and learn English Alphabets in an entertaining and interactive way. You have interesting animations and voice over to every alphabets that help him pronounce and identify Alphabets with Objects. The best way to use this application is by playing it with your child the first few times and your child will be able to name the alphabet correctly.
What is Extra Marks application?
Extra Marks is an application that offers an exciting way for school students to revise important subjects. This application comes in a form of Quiz or Test where student needs to attempt 20 questions in 20 minutes. You can select your Class from 6th to 12th Class and choose from Subject options like Science, History, Geography and Mathematics. There is huge database of multiple-choice questions of different subjects for students to get the best out of this service.
How will I come to know if I have missed out any question?
There is a line of 20 boxes provided on top of every page with each box reflecting as an indicator for each question. For every question that you answer, the box would display a Green Color and if any questions are Un-attempted then the Box would not highlight any color. This way you can go back and answer the questions you have missed.
How do I get result of my Test?

There are two way to obtain your result: -

  • When you have completed answering all the 20 questions in the Test, the application will automatically ask you “Do you wish to re check your answer” as a confirmation. If you press the Green Hot Key indicating YES then your results will be displayed instantly. And if you press the Red hot key indicating NO, then you have the option of going back to change or review your result.
  • Alternatively if have not answered to all the questions and want to still end the test you can do so by pressing the Red Hot Key on your MyWay Remote and get your result.
The correct answers are depicted by a TICK Symbol and the wrong answer is depicted by a CROSS mark against your answer.
Can I re-answer a question, if selected wrong?

You can change your selection of answer in two stages:-

  • While you are still undergoing the Test.
  • Or when the system asks you the question “Do you wish to re-check your answer?” Under this case you can press the Green Button indicating YES to go back to the Test. You can now change the answer to the question that you are unsure of and proceed thereon.
Can't I reduce the time limit given in the test?
The time of 20 minutes is prefixed for each test, you cannot alter the same. But if you finish the test early you can submit your result and know your score instantly without waiting for the time limit to get over.
Can I exit Extra Marks any point of time?
Yes, you can exit the application completely by pressing TV button on your MyWay Remote and it will take you directly to the broadcast channel.
What is the price for the Learning service?
Currently the service is available free of charge.
What is Railway Info service?
Railway Info is an interactive application that provides the PNR status right on your TV screen. This service is linked with IRCTC online portal. A customer can enter his/her PNR number on the application User Interface and will get instant info about the reservation status.
What is the price for Railway Info?
This service is offered free of cost to MyWay IPTV customers.
What is Email service?
This service brings you the power of Email on your television. Now MyWay IPTV user can check mails by simply sitting in the front of television. You can read, compose, reply and even delete mails from your TV itself.
Which all email accounts is provided on MyWay IPTV?
Currently we are only providing Gmail service; we would soon be launching other Mail services as well.
Can we also attach files with Email service?
No, you cannot open or send any attachment with your mail on MyWay IPTV.
How much do I have to pay for purchasing MyWay IPTV connection?


  • STB usage model: R 2250 (Tax inclusive)
  • Monthly STB Rent: R 50 (towards STB usage)
  • One time activation charges : Rs.200

  • STB Usage Charges: R 2250.
  • Advance Recharge – R 250
What payment modes are available to book MyWay IPTV connection?
You can make your payment for MyWay IPTV connection through Cash or Cheque.
How do I create my login to "My Account" section on MyWay website?
  • Step 1.  Log on to www.myway.in
  • Step 2.  Click on “My Account” Section
  • Step 3.  Click on Register Now to create your User Name and Password on My Account.
  • Step 4.  To register enter the required details in the form and submit. (Enter the Subscriber ID, Mac ID and Name as filled in your Customer Agreement Form)
  • Step 5.  Now login to My Account section by entering your User Name (USER NAME is same as subscriber ID) and enter your password
What options are available to recharge my account?

A.)  Recharge through Credit Card/Debit Card or Net Banking Account

  • Go to MyWay website www.myway.in/ then click My Account. Login to the My Account section and then click wallet recharge.
  • Select the credit card/debit card/ net banking payment option convenient to you.
  • The MyWay online payment provides you with a secure payment gateway to recharge your account.

 B.)  Voucher Recharge

  • You can purchase a recharge voucher of the desired denomination (minimum available value of voucher is R 200) from any MyWay dealer or Oxygen Outlets.
  • There is a PIN number on the recharge coupon that you need to recharge your account.
  • You can enter this PIN number by logging on to “My Account” section on www.myway.in website or recharge directly through My Zone section available on MyWay IPTV User Interface.

            The List of Oxygen outlets are provided under the Recharge Locations section..

C.  Mobile Recharge

  • On your MyWay IPTV enter into My Zone> My Account > Recharge Wallet> Via Mobile section to recharge your account.
  • Enter your Mobile number & the Amount you want to recharge your account with.  (The amount should be of minimum R 200)
  • Select the Language options
  • Accept the Terms and Conditions and submit.
  • Submit the form to receive a call from MyWay IVR
  • MyWay IVR will confirm the amount of recharge.
  • Enter your 16 digits Credit card number and CVV number.
  • IVR will confirm your Account Recharge status.

The MyWay IPTV usage bill will come along with MTNL fixed line monthly bill, so you can pay by any mode which is allowed by MTNL.

What if I don't recharge my account?

In case, your wallet balance goes below R -25/, your MyWay IPTV services will be barred. To enjoy continued services you should maintain your MyWay IPTV's wallet account balance.

Which Credit Cards or Debit Cards does MyWay IPTV accept for recharge payment?

Through Website: We accept all MasterCard and VISA Credit & Debit Cards (American Express will not be accepted)
Through TV UI: We accept all MasterCard and VISA Credit Cards & Debit Card.

What are the applicable charges when migrated from one Pack to the other?

While under Promotion period if you migrate from one Base Pack to the other, then no charges shall apply. Post the promotion period, the applicable charges of the new subscribed pack would apply.  The Add-on Packs/ A-La-Carte channels, if subscribed under promotion period are chargeable.

How will you charge me for monthly pack which I have opted for?

For BSNL Customers
In case of Broadcast packs:
You will be charged on Daily depletion method
In case of Non-broadcast packs: Your wallet will be deducted by the full amount as mentioned on the TV UI plus taxes.

For MTNL Customers
The MyWay IPTV usage bill will come along with MTNL fixed line monthly bill, which will include your monthly subscription charges, PPV movie charges (if any) or Karaoke charges (if any).

What is the daily depletion amount in case of the various packs?

The Daily Depletion amount will differ based upon following:

  1. List of subscribed Pack(s)
  2. Entertainment Tax as per the City/State
  3. Service Tax
What is daily depletion?
Daily Depletion means that the monthly rental of your broadcast pack will be depleted on pro rata basis based on the pack that is currently assigned to you. It includes Subscription Price for the Pack(s), STB Rental and all applicable taxes.
If I migrate to any other pack, will my Daily Depletion increase or decrease?
The daily depletion amount will depend on the subscription pack you have opted for. In case you migrate to a higher value pack, the daily depletion amount will increase.
If I start viewing a movie today and my TV switches off. When I start again, will you charge me again for viewing?
No, once you rent a movie it is available for 24 hrs. You can watch the movie unlimited number of times within 24hrs.
What all services will be barred once the wallet has no balance?
All services you have subscribed to (broadcast, On Demand and i-Services) will automatically be barred if your account balance shows negative balance of R -25 or below. Only 5 Free to Air channels will be made available.
If my MyWay IPTV services are barred, would the daily depletion still continue?
The daily depletion for STB rental (if applicable) would still continue. Other broadcast depletion would not be applicable.
Where can I check my MyWay Account balance?

You can check your MyWay Account balance through My Account section on MyWay website www.myway.in  or check your balance under “My Zone” section on TV UI.

If I recharge for Rs 200 what is the amount that will get credited into my wallet?

Your wallet will show the full value of R 200/- recharged

But the consumption of the R 200 amount will be reduced on Daily Depletion for Broadcast services from your wallet and in case of Non Broadcast services like when using PPV Movies services(Pay-Per-View movies) the full amount with all applicable taxes of the Movie will be reduced immediately.
How can I recharge my account after getting the Physical Recharge Voucher from Oxygen Outlet?

The Physical Recharge Voucher would have a PIN number mentioned on it. You can enter the PIN number on the following options:-
1. On MyWay Website; www.myway.in under My Account Section.
2. On MyWay TV under the My Zone > My Account > Recharge Wallet section.

How can I know what is my MyWay Subscriber ID?
Your subscriber id is available in My Zone section under Help option.
Can I pay my MTNL bill with Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)?
No, you cannot pay the bill with EFT.
What should I do if my service has been disconnected due to non-payment.
You should recharge immediately to restart your services.